AhhFlee Publication

Ahhflee Publication is the self-publishing company, covered under the AhhFlee Enterprise umbrella of creative entanglements. This publishing company covers my written works under my pen name, Ahlia Demas. My written properties include poetry, screenplays (both for live action and animation), short stories and other written creations. I provide content for both print and Internet markets.


Most of my published works have been poetry. I started writing and experimenting with the craft since I was in my pre-teen years. One of the high points in my early years as a poet was having the privileged of standing next to Caesar Chavez at a rally to read "Brother you Have a Future". It was a very moving experience and gave me the courage to continue and submit my works to various independent publications.

Here is me busy typing my next collection of poetry.

I have two chapbooks out, Snow Fox and 20 Sunsets, (both of which came out in 1998 around the time of my fathers' death). There is also a pending poetry book, Stained Sheets that was started in 2005 and to this day lays waiting for final editing. I am hoping by 2018 I will have it self published under AhhFlee Publications. As with Snow Fox, that book was written and edited to death since 1977. Some of the original poems were lost between 1977 and 1998. Whereas with 20 Sunsets, it was written and edited between 1996 to the summer of 1998.


I have worked with animation scripts for projected projects that were to be presented to the big studios for series consideration including an animation series I created called “SpY Babies”. I also submitted animation scripts to a few of those same big animation houses, like Disney TV, for a few series that were currently running. Spent a few years working at Warner Brothers TV Animation studios as a production coordinator for the Tiny Toon Adventure under my previous married name, Arlene Boyer. Which I admit, though it was a tight schedule, it was still a fun place to work. I am listed in IMDB.com.

I do not draw, at least nothing that I would present professionally, I leave that to my son, Peter "Korak" Boyer. who is following his father, Ken Boyer, footsteps drawing animation and cartoons for a living. Although his father is well known in the TV and feature animation world as a superb draftsman and character designer, Peter carves his own style of drawing and works mostly for commissions and comics.  Here is a sample of his work. Peter Boyer Bowser

Besides cartoons, which is a fun industry to work for if you don't mind the tight timing schedules, I have also done live action scripts for struggling indie directors. Some of the screenplays were for short film and a few full featured scripts. One indie director, who is using one of my scripts for a feature, has been in preproduction for 10 years due to budget issue. Those things are the nature of the industry. The last script I was working on was started in 2008 is on hold because of the PTSD issue. The script is a sci-fi campy love story. Hopefully I will feel ready to work on it soon.